The Bendigo Symphony Orchestra invites music lovers (players and listeners) in and around Bendigo to join in a night of BrandenBendigonian Baroquery, including a performance of the Bach Brandenburg Concerto No.2, at 7:30 pm on Friday 20th September 2013, at the Bendigo Bank Theatre/Capital Theatre, Bendigo.

Musicians: Just come along and play for at least one rehearsal beforehand, then join in the performance.

Audience: A Brandenburg! Some of the most enduring pieces of classical music of all time, played in probably the most perfect setting available in Bendigo.


For players:

1. Click the Contact link above, and email us to let us know you're in. Alternatively, find us on Facebook, Like the page and post a comment:
2. Once we decide on which Brandenburg we're doing this year, download the music from the Members link above (when it appears) and get practising!
3. Get to at least one rehearsal beforehand. Rehearsal details will be posted on the Calendar link above (when it appears) and on facebook. There will be more opportunities to play in the second half of the concert, too.
4. Get all your friends and family to turn up at the Capital on the 20th Sep and wow them all!

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Why are we doing this?

See below for an explanation, from the successful 2013 grant application for a Bendigo Bank Theatre Performance Subsidy:


This project is supported by the City of Greater Bendigo, Bendigo Bank Theatre Performance Subsidy